Jess (answerthis229) wrote in halfdeerbagina,

Wait, do I know you?

So what's up with this bagina shizzle?

How has everyone been? I know I have been busy, as I'm sure you all have. I miss you all so, so, so, so much!

Well, uh, update on me.....Nothin special really
Just been working like crazy to make some mula for da hiz-ouse. I actually just got back from Humboldt this morning. We hauled a lot of furniture up there, and I ended up buying a bed up there because mine wouldn't fir in the van. (Yup, yup, I was a mini van mama this weekend, woot woot)

I'm giving my two weeks notice tomorrow. I'm SO sad to be leaving Raging Waters *single tear* It has always been my dream to rip tickets for 8 hrs plus a day for a tid bit over minimum wage...what ever will I do now?

Something tells me everything ill be ok (but only time will tell...hahahahaha)

Oh the one cool thing I get to do this summer is go on a cruise with my family. It was our x-mas present from my gramms. We be goin to mexico!!! (The nicer parts, I hope) I've never been on one before, so I'm sure I will have a good time.

One last thing...None of us have really hung out this summer, so I am extending an invitation to yall. My gramps really wants me to visit him before I go back up to school, so if anyone doesn't have work (or can request it off) I would love for you to come :)
PS, he lives in Vegas (yes it is balls hot there right now) but we will have a FREE roof over our heads, FREE food and beverages (if you're into that sort of thang) and FREE something else (I don't know what, but just saying FREE twice wasn't cuttin it, so I'm sure there will be someting else delightfully free)

Um that would be all, it would be great to hear from everyone :)
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